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REBUNG Research Phase

Phase 1 and 2 (Feb 2020 - March 2021)

  • Subproject 1 has identified the provision and funding of cancer screening and detection among B40 residents in Taman Medan. Tracking arrangements in the public and private sectors will be mapped. Funding mechanism of uB40 patients identified. The diagnostic pathway is accelerated by establishing links between clinics, hospitals, community leaders.
  • Subproject 2 has identified socio-cultural, and religious factors that positively/negatively affect the early detection of cancer among urban women B40. A framework for sharing sensitive data between stakeholders during the cancer diagnosis pathway has been established.
  • Subproject 3 understands how community members in the B40 community communicate health information in their community. A targeted communication campaign was built.
  • Subproject 4 has built a Community Cancer Mentoring Partner Course (Ra.Kan Ku) that will take place in Feb 2022
  • Subproject 5 has developed and organized the "Cancer Care in Primary Care" course that took place in February - March 2022
  • Subproject 6 has developed and organized the "Community Nurse Breast Cancer Short Course" course which will take place in February 2022
  • Subproject 7 builds a requirements specification document "Monitoring and Evaluation of Cancer Care Diagnostic Pathway.

This phase provides information for the development of phase 3 research and beyond.

Phase 3 (April – Sept 2022)

A pilot communication campaign for the B40 group in Taman Medan. Monitoring and evaluation of campaigns in Taman Medan.

Phase 4

Interested in working with us to further expand implementation research to reduce barriers to early cancer diagnosis in Malaysia.

Contact us at: naisha@um.edu.my, hamizahsaat@um.edu.my, rebungselangor@gmail.com